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IMIS militias smuggle Iraqi oil to Iran

Iranian-backed militias steal Iraq's oil

With its influence in Iraq, Iran's oil profits have skyrocketed after its IMIS militias smuggled Iraq's oil to Tehran.

A source from the Iraqi Ministry of Oil asserted that under the pretext of protecting Iraqi oil wells, IMIS militias are smuggling oil from the northern and southern oil wells to Iran on a daily basis.

The source also noted that Badr militia, Iraqi Hezbollah, Saraya al-Salam militias and al-Fadilah party militants share al-Basra and Maysan refineries and A'las, Oujeil and Hamrin oil wells in Salahuddin governorate.

IMIS leaders smuggle hundreds of oil tanks daily to Iran with total silence from the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, according to the source.

Salahuddin governorate Ahmed al-Jabouri urged the Iraqi government several times to protect A'las and Oujeil oil wells in eastern Tikrit from the militias but they didn't respond to him.

Al-Jabouri also asserted that tens of oil tanks are stolen on a daily basis from these oil wells and are being smuggled through Tuz Khurmatu.


Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria were formed after Marja' Ali al-Sistani's fatwa to fight ISIS terrorists, but they eventually spread their activities to the political affairs of Iraq by controlling several governmental institutions and large swathes of the country.

Last Modified: Saturday، 15 April 2017 03:43 PM