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ISIS leader spotted near Iraqi-Syrian borders: Sources

Baghdadi location spotted

Leader of ISIS terror group Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has been spotted near the Iraqi-Syrian borders, sources in Nineveh province said Saturday.

ISIS leader appeared at the Iraqi borders with Syria, near Bukmal area, the sources added, stating that Baghdadi is still moving in the area controlled by the terrorist group.

He seemed unable to talk. And he was moving in an unguarded vehicle in order not to raise suspicions about his whereabouts, the sources noted.

According to them, the leader of the terror group gathered a number of his supporters, from the tribes pledging allegiance to ISIS, and addressed them, blasting the Iraqi's dwindling support for the group.

Battles that the terror group is waging are fought by Arab and foreign recruits.

Intelligence information indicates that Baghdadi is moving in the desert area between Anbar and Nineveh as well as the areas between the Iraqi-Syrian borders, the sources stated.