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Masoud Barzani forecasts partition of Iraq like Czechoslovakia,Yugoslavia

The fall of Mosul is likely to mark the beginning of the partition of Iraq, as it was the case with countries which have fueled by ethnic and religious conflicts such as Czechoslovakia, Kurdish President Masoud Barzani said.
Barzani made these remarks to the Italian newspaper of La Stampa, coinciding with the anniversary of the Kurdish uprising against the former Iraqi regime in 1991.

An independent Kurdistan would bring more stability to the Middle East, a region that otherwise has been troubled with massacres and conflicts since the two world wars, he added.

“In the Middle East and Europe, history has shown that states created after the First and Second World Wars have proved unsustainable and fictitious. Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia have faded away, as it happens today to the legacy of Sykes-Picot,” Barzani said.

The agreement resulted in the creation of present borders of countries that used to be part of the Ottoman Empire before the First World War, including Iraq.

Barzani also said that the fall of Mosul does not mean the end of ISIS because it will survive in some other form or shape. To defeat the extremist group, he said, you have to fight it on many fronts, including its economy and ideology.

Last Modified: Monday، 06 March 2017 06:37 PM