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ISIS leader admits defeat; militants to blow up themselves or escape

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

In a speech directed to his militants, ISIS leader Abu bakr al-Baghdadi admitted his terrorist group defeat in the recent battles against advance of Iraq troops in the right bank of Mosul.

A local source in Nineveh governorate revealed that al-Baghdadi urged ISIS terrorists to hide and escape to the mountain areas.

In his "farewell speech" that was distributed to the local mosques to explain the situation, ISIS clerics talked about the continuous defeats that the group is suffering in Nineveh and other strongholds, the source added.

The speech also included instructions to the group's militants to blew up themselves if surrounded by the Iraqi Forces, according to the source.  

The source asserted that "Shura al-Mujahedeen" council leaders have all escaped from Nineveh and Tal Afar to Syrian territories, pointing out that ISIS leaders who are close to al-Baghdadi are moving at the Iraqi-Syrian borders.

Al-Baghdadi also ordered the shutdown of "Diwan al-Muhajreen w al-Jund" (the office for soldiers and immigrants) and made his foreign followers to choose either to escape and return to their countries or blow up themselves against the Iraqi troops to win what he claimed as a heavenly reward of as many as 72 Hoor Al-iyan (women of paradise), the source added.

The source revealed that al-Baghdadi ordered to withdraw "prince" title from ISIS leaders in the left bank of Mosul after their defeat from the advancing Iraqi security Forces.

Baghdadi's speech came in the wake of advancement of Iraqi troops on main axes of Mosul city, the last stronghold of ISIS in Iraq which has been under the control of the terrorist group since June 2014.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 01 March 2017 11:58 AM