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Photos: Iran's flag, weapons in Mosul's right bank operations

Iranian weapon
Iranian Militia in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) have entered to the liberated areas in the right bank of Mosul city, sources  told The Baghdad post on Sunday.

In exclusive statements, the sources said that sectarian militants raised al-Hussain flags while chanting slogans insulting and cursing Iraqi civilians.

The militants shelled a number of houses in the area using Iranian missiles, the sources explained.

IMIS are participating in the military operations in Mosul right bank despite Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had previously pledged to prevent them from taking part in such operations.

Human Rights Watch warns from the violent acts practiced by IMIS militants in the liberated areas, adding thatt the Mosul city is suffering form a deteriorating humanitarian situation.

On February 19, the Iraqi troops backed by US-led coalition forces launched a massive operation to retake the western side of Mosul city which has been under the control of ISIS terrorist group since June 2014.
Last Modified: Sunday، 26 February 2017 06:47 PM