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Sadr calls for 'silent protests' in Tahrir Square tomorrow

Sadrist Movement leader
Leader of Sadrist Movement Moqtada Al-Sadr on Thursday called on 'rebels' to stage a silent protests in Baghdad's Tahrir Square tomorrow.

He called for security forces to protect demonstrators.

Al-Sadr yet ordered those accused of shelling the Green Zone with rockets to turn themselves up to authorities within the coming 72 hours.

Rebels proved their loyalty, obedience, and determination to continue push for reform, may God bestow His favors upon them, he said in a statement.

I call on them to stage silent demonstrations for our just demands and to denounce aggression, he added.

If the rocket attack took place days ago on the Green Zone is carried out by a Sadrist follower, or is he affiliated with reform rebels, I will order him to turn himself up to authorities, Sadr stated.

He condemned the act, saying it breaches the peaceful and reformatory path of the protesters and may drag Iraq into the unknown.

Thousands of citizens staged protests in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad last Saturday.

Sadr’s supporters are protesting corruption in the government, and the incumbent electoral commission.
Last Modified: Thursday، 16 February 2017 09:17 PM