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Iraq suffers from spread of atheism due to religious extremism

Atheism spreads among Iraqis

Experts asserted that the number of Iraqi young men and women and intellectuals who resort to atheism increased in the past period.

They express their radical opinions on the internet especially via using the social networks that enabled them to say whatever they want whenever they want, the experts added.

They attack Allah and Prophet Muhammad and his family.

The reasons behind this phenomenon are summed in social or intellectual causes, experts said.

They added that the spread of such ideas came after Sunni and Shiite politicians and militias continued to misuse religion to attract more followers to their gangs.

They pointed out at Shiite militias (IMIS) that kill, kidnap, rob, steal and threaten citizens and the state while their members pray to Allah and walk hundreds and thousands of kilometers to pray in the Shrine of Imam Hussain ibn Ali.

This kind of contradiction led young people and intellectuals to denounce Allah, Prophet Muhammad and Islam, experts further said.

Meanwhile, a resident of Mosul city told The Baghdad Post said that after his district was liberated from the ISIS terrorist group, he will leave the area and be an atheist and also will drink wine after what he witnessed from extremism and radicalism practiced by ISIS including killing, kidnapping and raping people in the name of religion.