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Four IMIS terrorists killed in blast in western Tikrit

IMIS militants

Four IMIS militiamen have been killed in a blast west of Tikrit, a security source in Salahiddin province has said.
Colonel Mohammed Khalil, member of Salahuddin Police Command, said that a bomb went off on Friday afternoon near an IMIS vehicle, killing four terrorists and completely damaging it.
He added the vehicle, along with a column of vehicles, were patrolling the area, searching and inspecting it.
The corpses of the dead terrorists were transferred to hospital.

Many international and local human rights organizations accused IMIS of committing sectarian genocide against Sunnis in Iraq, as the terror militias aim to make a demographic change in Iraq to carry out Iran' Mullah Shiite crescent plan.
IMIS is working to hasten Iran plots to carry out demographic changes in the Sunni areas, exploiting the deteriorating security situation in the Iraqi cities where battles against ISIS were being conducted.