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Qatari regime feel unwelcome in London as anti-Tamim protests surge

The ruling regime in Qatar, Hamdeen Organization, proved complete failure in polishing its image in London or even appearing as a democratic regime that has nothing to do with supporting terrorism.

This came after mass protests staged in the United Kingdom to declare it expressly that Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad is persona non grata.
Some NGOs, including the International Amnesty Organization, called on British Prime Minister Theresa May to force Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, to stop continued violations against foreign workers and the brutal crackdown on dissidents.

 British Protesters took to streets to denounce this visit, calling on the government to pressure Sheikh Tamim to respect and abide by the provisions of international law.

A series of anti-regime ads have appeared on billboards around London, while other adverts highlighted the country’s treatment of migrant workers as well as the absence of democracy.  

The biggest scandalous ransom 

"On this vein, Khaled Al-Hail, a Qatari opposition figure, said that protesters in Britain reject the visit of the Emir of Qatar. Al-Hail also previously organised a “Qatari opposition” conference in London featuring paid speakers, such as the former cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith and the BBC journalist John Simpson.

The protesters hope that the British government, during its meeting with the Qatari Emir, will defend the principles of the international law, given that Doha is accused of interfering in other countries' affairs, backing terrorist practices on its territories and financing terrorism.

For his part, Dr. Alan Mendoza, co-founder of the Henry Jackson Society said "I think that Qatar made a big mistake by backing terrorist groups".
The protesters in London didn't suffice with raising anti-Qatari regime slogans, but they also urged the British government to stood against Qatari policies that support terrorism.

London opposes Tamim's visit

The hashtag #OpposeQatarVisit has been among the top trends on Twitter since the Qatari ruler arrived in London on Sunday.

Banners, meanwhile, appeared on main London roads condemning the visit during which Tamim is due to meet British Prime Minister Theresa May and other government officials.

One banner reads: “If a country was accused of paying $1 billion in a ransom to terrorist groups… then why is the UK government rolling out the red carpet for the Qatar Emir?”

Qatar is accused of bankrolling terrorists groups in the Arab region including Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Libya and Egypt

 Protesting Tamim’s visit to Britian, several rights groups have written to May, asking her to raise Qatar’s backing of terror groups with the Emir during their meeting as well as the abuse of laborers in the country.

“The message sent to the British prime minister explains how many Qataris and foreign workers have been subjected to abuse by the Qatari authorities, and the perpetrators have not faced justice,” 

The protesters also called for holding Tamim accountable for the violations committed against the Qatari people, especially the Qataris who have been stripped of their nationality without any guilt, in clear violation of the international covenants and humanitarian laws

In this regard, Several NGOs appealed to British Prime Minister Theresa May  to discuss the file of stripping thousands of Iraqi people of the Qatari citizenship.

Observers have confirmed that Tamim bin Hamad's visit to Britain to polish his image, proved complete failure, indicating that this visit comes amid regional differences and scandals that harmed Doha's reputation, including the billion dollar ransom paid to terrorists.

They anticipated that such a visit would result in serious repercussions on Sheikh Tamim, who has become  persona non grata at the global and regional levels.

They added that it also would has negative impacts on the Qatari economy.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 24 July 2018 08:24 PM