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More than 5000 Iranian officers, soldiers killed in Syria

More than 5000 Iranian officers, soldiers  killed in Syria

Only two weeks after the killing of prominent field expert at the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Shahruj Daye, another Iranian officer at the IRGC named Mohammad Ibrahim Rashidia was also killed in Syria.

This raises a question on the fate of remaining IRGC affiliated generals, after the increasing number of Iranian officers killed in Syria.
According to observers, the increasing number of Iranian generals killed in Syria raises many doubts.

They added that the number of the killed Iranian general in Syria exceeded 5000 officers over the last years.

Some Iranian news agencies reported that the IRGC officer Mohammad Ibrahim Rashidi killed in operations against forces in Deir Al-Addas rural north west Daraa province.


Ramadan Brigade

According to the IRGC-affiliated Tasnim news agency, Lt. Col. Rashidi, an expert at the bombing unit of Ramadan Brigade, was killed during an advisory mission on Palmyra - Deir al-Zour road.


Shahruj Daye

Two weeks earlier, Iran lost another Iranian IRGC commander, Brig. Shahruj Daye, who was responsible for the Iranian forces in Aleppo, its suburbs and neighboring northern provinces.
This raised questions on the extent of Iranian forces and its militias deployment especially in light of the growing Iranian-Russian dispute there.
At the wake of Russia's announcement to withdraw its forces and militias from Syria, Iranian forces have become open targets for Israeli jets.
According to a report uncovered by "In recent weeks, a number of raids were launched against the Iranian forces in Syria, resulting in incurring heavy losses, amid a state of silence of the Iranian Media Sector.
As protesters in Iran continue to protest against regime policies that have resulted in deteriorating living and economic conditions in exchange for spending the Iranian people's funds to support terrorism and militias in the region. This indicates the Iranian protesters' chants : "Leave Syria, Pay attention to us".

5000 Iranians killed in Syria since 2012
Iran has been raging battles in Syria since 2012. It also spending huge funds on the presence of IRGC and its allied militias, estimated at 120,000 mercenary fighters from Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
All international and regional reports confirm that Syria has been and continues to be the main quagmire for the Iranian Mullah's regime.
The death toll of Iranian militias over the last two years reached 2700 , of which 90 clerics and forensic scholars.
 From 2016 to 2018, Iran has lost at least 2,000 senior Iranian officers and officers in Syria. The Iranian official death toll  hit about  5,000 persons.
Iran has lost at least 30 senior military commanders and generals, including General Zaker Haidari, General Ghulam Reza Simai, General Dreyush Dorosti, who was killed Hama governorate and retired general Ghulam Ahmadi.

Other Iranian generals who their lives in Syria inculuded: Ahmed Gholami, Mohsen Qaharian, Safdar Haidari, Sayyid Sajjad Roushiani, Ali Akbar Arabi, Murtaza Trabi, General Hussein Hamdani, Deputy Commander of Liwa al Quds, General Hage Hamid Mukhtarband known as Abu Zahra, Brigadier General Jawad Durbin, Shafiq Shafi'i, Hassan Shatri, Muhammad Jamali Zadeh and Abdullah Abd al-Redha Majiri, Jabbar Dreisawi, Ali Allah Dadi, Mohsen Qajarian, Hassan Ali Shams Abadi, Ali Reza Tusli, Commander of the Fatimin Brigade, Mohammad Hassan Hosseini, Assistant Commander of Fatimin Brigade, Reza Hawari, Ali Fradi, Ali Bayat and others.

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