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Raping Sunni Iranian women: a new scandal for Iran's rogue regime

Iranian protesters

Rape of dozens of Sunni Iranian young women by senior figures within mullahs regime proves that Iran is no longer run by state officials who care about their citizens, but by sick clerics and corrupt officials, according to observers.


They stressed the rape of at least 41 Sunni young women is an international crime that Iranian regime, which does not recognize human and women's rights, must be held accountable for.


Dozens of young women demonstrated in front of the governor's office in the city of Iranshahr, Baluchestan province, southeast Iran, to denounce the kidnapping and rape of 41 young Sunni women by a group of men affiliated with an influential person within the regime.



The protesters demanded an investigation to be opened into the incident and trying the perpetrators for this heinous crime, especially after an Iranian MP said the perpetrators were influential figures backed by the regime.


The Iranian Minister of Interior Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli ordered the opening of an investigation to reveal the circumstances behind the incident, as the Iranian Attorney General announced the arrest of suspects involved in the incident.


Iranian Sunni Cleric Abdolhamid Ismaeelzahi called on the families of the victims to submit complaints to the judicial authorities.



In light of the continued protests, the Iranian authorities in Iranshahr arrested three other suspects involved in the crime.


In addition, Iranian MP and Head of Women's Parliamentary Committee Tiba Siawhsi said that her sources confirmed that the mastermind behind the crime is from a wealthy family and supported by the mullahs.


The state media remained quiet about the incident, while rage spread through social media, calling for swift justice against the preparators of this heinous crime.



Several activists called for the need to protect women in Iranshahr and launched the hashtag #IranshahrWomen on social media.


Reports suggest that 35% of women and 85% of men are raped inside Iranian prisons, while tens of thousands of girls and women are raped in streets and squares every year.


Experts told The Baghdad Post that raping 41 Sunni young women by senior officials in the Iranian regime is an international scandal and a horrendous crime, which should be strongly addressed by the mullahs and the international community.

Last Modified: Thursday، 21 June 2018 01:42 PM