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Iraq's Masum slams election results cancellation as unconstitutional

Fuad Masoum


Iraqi President Fuad Masum has expressed rejection of a decision made by the parliament to cancel the results of the May 12 election in some provinces.


Masoum slammed the parliamentary decision as unconstitutional. 

He asked the Federal Supreme Court to give its opinion on the decision.


Earlier in the day, High Elections Commission (HEC) announced the cancellation of results at more than 1000 polling stations.


In a statement, HEC also said it would bring violators to justice. 

The statement said voting process had been manipulated by political parties in 102 stations at 10 provinces.


The commission added it had scrutinized 2000 more stations, out of which 852 proved to have witnessed breaches.

It clarified that 67 stations for expatriate voters also had their results cancelled due to violations, including in the United States, Germany, the U.K., Sweden, Jordan and Turkey.