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Mummified body of Iran's Shah found in Tehran construction site

The body found in a construction site in Tehran may belong to Reza Shah Pahlavi


A mummified body, suspected to be that of Iran's former leader Reza Shah Pahlavi, has been found in a construction site in Tehran. 

Pahlavi was the father of the Iranian ruler who was deposed by the so-called Islamic revolution in 1979. 

The body has been found amid a pile of rubble while constructing a Shia shrine. 

Pahlavi, who died in 1944 in his exile in South Africa, was buried in a mausoleum nearby. But the tomb was blown up by Iranian revolutionaries as they tried to erase all traces of the previous regime. 


The shah’s body remained missing for nearly 40 years. 

Head of Tehran’s heritage committee, Hassan Khalilabadi, said the body would be examined by to make sure if it was of the deceased Shah.


Pahlavi was a military officer who overthrew the ruling Persian dynasty in 1921 and seized power for himself, first becoming the country’s prime minister and then its monarch.  

He introduced widespread reforms and is credited by some as the founder of modern Iran. But he was forced from power in 1941 by British and Russian troops and abdicated in favour of his son. 



Last Modified: Tuesday، 24 April 2018 10:14 PM