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Iran seeks to recruit Western terrorists under the guise of fighting Israel

Iran plans to blow up Europe under disguise of 'Jihadi war'

Iranian Mullah regime is planning to carry out a series of terrorist attacks in Europe via its proxies under the pretext of a 'Jihadi war' against Israel, sources told The Baghdad Post on Monday.

Iran is seeking to retaliate recent strikes carried out by Israel to target its military bases in Syria, the sources added.

Mullah regime is considering a response to recent strikes it received in Syria but it will not be able to directly clash with Israel so it's planning to use gullible Muslim youth in Europe to carry out terrorist attacks under the disguise of Jihadi war against Israel, sources added.


France, Britain 'top targets'


The Iranian regime has directed its intelligence proxies to mobilize credulous fanatics all over Europe to use them in the upcoming retaliatory attacks, especially in London and Paris, under the pretext of waging Jihadi war against Israel, the sources revealed.

Tehran aims at terrorizing France, Britain with these attacks so that they may change the course of their policy after supporting Washington in recent in recent missile strikes against Assad regime, Iran's staunch alley, insiders said



Inbetween rhetoric 

On Friday, senior Iranian officer warned that Israel would be annihilated if Iran came under attack.

Hossein Salami, the deputy commander of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards, reacting to earlier comments by Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanhayu, said on Friday: “If any war happens, it will definitely be followed by your annihilation.” 

Marking Israel’s 70th Birthday, Netanyahu said in Tel Aviv: “We hear the threats from Iran. IDF fighters and the security branches are ready for any development. We will fight anyone who tries to harm us.”

His statement came after Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told CBS News that "unfortunately, Israel has continued its violations of international law, hoping to be able to do it with impunity because of US support."

Netanyahu added that he had not been impressed the Iranian Foreign Minister's remarks, Netanyahu stressed that he trusts the Israeli Defense Forces, which "will be prepared for any possibility and any scenario."

The ramping up of the rhetoric comes at the time when the region’s most bellicose states have locked horns over the fate of Syria, particularly in the era after the Islamic State’s collapse.

On April 9, two Israeli F-15 fighter jets conducted an attack against Syria's T-4 base. Israeli sources said the attack was aimed at Iranian military bases in Syria.

Analysts confirmed that Iranian rhetoric against Israel is just part of deception plan adopted by Mullah regime, while the prime target is Europe. 


"The tirade launched against Israel is fake. Europe is the main target. Iran regime wants to get revenge on top European nations leading a push against its movements in Syria," they noted. 



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