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Maliki’s scenarios to restore governance of Iraq

Vice president Nouri al-Maliki - File photo
It seems that the former prime minister and the current vice president Nouri al-Maliki is not convinced of being away from the spotlights, playing all his cards to return on top of authority in Iraq.

A source inside the National Alliance has revealed that Maliki is unremittingly trying to restore the post of prime minister from the current one, Haidar al-Abadi, by using a new strategy to influence the decision of voter on the May-12 election.

Maliki is now playing the role of savior of Basra people, to save them from suffering, after years of pretending to be the savior of Shia, in an attempt to lure the votes of one of the major governorates in Iraq.

Basra is one of the richest cities in Iraq, however, it is one the poorest cities, financially and socially. It is worthy to mention that Iraq’s general budget depends on Basra’s oil fields that produce more than 4 million barrels per day (bpd), most of them are exported, and still, the governorate’s residents are poorest in the country, with lack of services and facilities despite the killing high temperature that requires constant electricity to continue the normal daily life.

It may seem a smart strategy, however, Maliki didn’t forget that people of Basra may resort to the punitive voting, due to the deteriorating conditions the governorate suffered from in the four years he took the office, that’s why he put a plan B that depends on nominating one of his loyal men, who is Khalaf Abdel Samad, one of the leaders of Maliki’s Al Daawa party and the former governor of Basra.

Abdel Samad’s plan depends on promising the people to turn Basra into a leading city, that governs the whole country, given it is already the economic capital of Iraq, which will not be achieved unless the prime minister is a Basra origin.

All indications refer to that Maliki is still dreaming of returning to the forefront of the political scene, who presents himself as the godfather of the Shia bloc in Iraq, trying to turn against his ally, the current PM Haidar al-Abadi, who dreams of a second term in the office, however, Maliki’s name is connected with corruption, stealing Iraq’s wealth and defeat before the terrorists of ISIS in 2014.

Worthy to mention that Abdel Samad, Maliki’s puppet, was accused of corruption and stealing $330 billion allocated for developing Basra, during Maliki’s tenure.
Last Modified: Saturday، 21 April 2018 02:53 PM