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US hits Hezbollah militia hard as terror activities further exposed

Hezbollah terrorists

Hezbollah militia has always been one of the key bases used by the Iranian regime to mount terror attacks and spread its version of the Shiite doctrine.
Chief of the group Hassan Nasrallah, one of those used by the Iranian regime to carry out its expansionist project, asserted more than once the group is fully backed by Iran and is utterly loyal to it as well.
In a video widely shared online, chief of the terror militia said the group depends on Iran completely when it comes to the finances of the militia and its members.
"I publicly say to the world that the budget and expenses of Hezbollah are paid by Tehran. As long as Iran has money, so does Hezbollah," Nasrallah said.
This comes amid harsh US stance towards the Iranian nuclear ambitions. President Trump on several occasions asserted that the US will pull out of the nuclear deal in case there are no substantial changes made to its terms.

Commentators cited these remarks to assert that the US will take on the Lebanon-based militia of Hezbollah as it is one of the arms of the Iranian regime in the Middle East.
In Syria, where the militia and its members fought on the side of the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, the US had hit the Hezbollah positions in the strikes carried out jointly with France and the UK earlier last Saturday.
Terror militia
Each time the US and the world powers intend to hit Hezbollah militia with sanctions, its heinous record of terror is always cited.
Spokesman for the US Department of State Heather Nauert cited the terror attack on the US embassy in Lebanon that took place 35 years ago, where more than 63 people were killed, pointing the finger of blame at Hezbollah militia.
"With our honor and remembrance of the victims, we are committed to confronting this terrorist organization backed by Iran, cutting off its resources and bringing its leaders and operatives to justice," she said in a Twitter post.

Other commentators said that the US strikes had significantly hampered the capabilities of the group and further exposed its terror activities in the war-shattered area.
The American researcher in the field of counterterrorism, Charles Leicester, quoted local US sources that one of the strikes launched by the United States - in partnership with Britain and France - targeted an important center of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia near the city of Qusayr at the Syrian-Lebanese border (west of Syria). Leicester said the strike was the first of its kind to target Hezbollah militia positions at all; a strong message for Iran.
Chemical weapons' sites
Col. Mostafa Bkur, one of the commanders of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), said that the site that was hit in the city of Qusayr is a Hezbollah position that it uses for manufacturing and stockpiling chemical weapons.
He added:"It is likely that the US strike hit the secret position run by the militia and used to stockpile chemical weapons."
"Based on our information, there is a Hezbollah site near the Syrian-Lebanese border used for stockpiling chemicals. It has been under the control of the militia for a long time even before the Syrian uprising," he noted.
All these developments, according to experts, make case for the US and its allies to target the militia. "This Iran-backed militia must get out of Syria. And their impactful clout must be trimmed."

Last Modified: Friday، 20 April 2018 12:29 AM