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Peshmerga presence 'key to security of disputed areas': official

Khanaqin council calls for return of Peshmerga to disputed areas
Sheikh Jaafar Sheikh Mostafa, a Peshmerga commander, said the US administration is pressuring the Iraqi government to let Peshmerga be deployed to the disputed areas.
He also said that the disputed areas will not see security as long as the Peshmerga forces are not deployed there.
This comes as secretary general of Peshmerga ministry Gen. Gabbar al-Yawar declared on Tuesday that the government of Kurdistan region agreed the joint deployment in the disputed areas with the Iraqi forces.
In a press conference, Yawar said the situation in the disputed areas is deteriorating. This came following a meeting with the Kurdish interior minister Karim Sanjari and two delegations of the anti-ISIS US-led coalition.
Sanjari said that the Peshmerga are awaiting the approval of the federal government to return to the disputed areas.