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ASMLA chief says Ahwazi uprising threw Mullah regime into dilemma

Chief of ASMLA

The head of Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA) Habib Jaber on Monday said that the Ahwazi Uprising of Dignity has thrown the Iranian regime into political and economic dilemma.
In a Twitter post, he said the continuation of this blessed uprising  will hasten the fall of Mullah regime.
He also posted a video featuring an Ahwazi protest against the Iranian regime.
The rallies had started a week ago in protest against a children’s television program that had ignored the Arabs while it shed light on the diversity of Iranian society.

توقيت #إنتفاضة_الكرامة في الأحواز أدخلت الاحتلال الفارسي في مأزق سياسي واقتصادي كبير، وأصبحت عامل استنزاف كبير لاقتصاد #إيران المتهالك.
استمرار هذه الانتفاضة المباركة ستعجل في سقوط نظام الملالي وتحقيق هدفنا السامي باستعادة سيادتنا الوطنية

The oversight sparked anger and a wave of protests in Arab regions in Iran.

The Ahwaz residents accuse Iranian authorities of deliberately seeking to alter the identity and demographics of Arab cities. They said that the authorities have even encouraged immigration to these regions, while barring Arabs from privileges that the newcomers are granted.

The protests originally kicked off in the city of Ahwaz before spreading to other Arab cities.