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Maliki aims to destroy quota system in favor of sectarianism

Nuri al-Maliki
Maliki aims to destroy quota system in favor of sectarianism

After plunging Iraq into chaos by his sectarian powered policies, former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki comes ahead of the elections to promote more of his sectarian propaganda.

Analysts say that after introducing the quota system after the fall of the former president Saddam Hussein's regime to guarantee that his Shia party gets more votes and influence in the Iraqi state, he comes today calling for abolishing it and forming a new system based on the absolute majority.

They added that Maliki attempts to increase the influence of his Iranian sponsors in Iraq and promotes his Shia bloc to be either led by him or by the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) top leader Hadi al-Ameri.

Maliki claims that his new "absolute majority" scheme that he adopted will be a patriotic project that all of the Iraqi factions be part of.

He stated that politicians must save Iraq from the quota system that crippled Iraq, noting that no stability, rebuilding and development if the quota and consensus system is adopted in the country.

After implementing sectarian policies that struck division and unrest throughout Iraq and caused the occupation of ISIS terrorists to more than a third of Iraq, Maliki says that the enemies plans to spread division amongst Iraqis will not succeed, calling the Supreme Electoral Commission to be independent and professional to protect Iraqis votes.

Observers told The Baghdad Post after being ousted from the Prime Minister Post for his failure to protect the safety and sovereignty of Iraq, Maliki aims to come back to control Iraq to further the influence of the Iranian Mullah's regime.

They added that Maliki is a puppet to the Mullah's regime and by these statements he aims to preserve and protect its influence and ideology in Iraq.

The Observers further stated that his new project only aims to crush all the remaining Sunni and Kurdish influence and power so he can fully control Iraq with Iran's and have more control over the establishments and institutions of the Iraqi state.

Political experts asserted that this comes as tensions rise in the Middle East as Iran tries to carve a road from Tehran through Baghdad, Damascus to Beirut to gain access to the Mediterranean Sea in what it calls the Shia crescent and it uses corrupt, puppet politicians and the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria to achieve that goal.

Last Modified: Saturday، 17 March 2018 09:38 PM