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Al-Jazeera leads smearing campaign against Trump: Baghdad Post chairman

Obama and Trump

The Qatar-based Al-Jazeera network is launching a massive smearing campaign against the US president Donald Trump affiliated with the republican party, media figure Sufian al-Samarrai wrote on Twitter.
The chairman of The Baghdad Post cited a story by the Arabic edition of the notorious Qatari channel that Trump is planning a massive military parade.


حجم الحملة التى تقوم بها الجزيرة عربي وإنجليزي ضد ترامب جبارة وتصرف عليها ملايين الدولارات ترويجا وتسويقا أسبوعيا الهدف منها أسقاط رئيس جمهوري معادي لأيران وقطر وعصاباتهم في المنطقة بينما نفس القناة كانت تمجد أوباما الذي تغاضى عن دخول داعش ووقع اتفاقات مع ايران ،، سقط القناع عنكم

The mouthpiece of the Qatari regime expressed the move as a sign of totalitarianism. It also said the decision came as the republican president seeks to gratify his desire of self-glorification.  
Samarrai added this campaign has been launched due to the president's tough stance on Iran and Qatar.
Both sides are fomenting terror and strongly backing militias across the Middle East.
Unlike Trump, the Qatari channel, which is an arm of the ruling regime that promotes its agenda, took exactly the opposite stance on the former US president Barrack Obama who was known for his soft stance on Iran and its surrogates.
Looking at this drastic change, experts say the Iranian and Qatari scheme, on which millions of dollars are being spent, have been exposed. The Qatar-based al-Jazeera has always been accused of twisting the truths and spreading lies and fake news.
This could be observed clearly when following up the Palestinian issue, especially the clashes between Palestinians and Israelis.


Last Modified: Friday، 09 February 2018 09:53 PM