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Stabbing Mullahs is new way followed by Iranians to express their anger

Stabbing Mullahs is new way followed by Iranians to express their anger
After assassinations and arbitrary detention, Iranian protesters vowed to revenge from Mullahs (Shiite clerics) who enjoy financial privileges of the regime, led by Khamenei. 

The recent periods have been witnessing several accidents targeted many clerics. 

On Wednesday, an angry man has stabbed two of turbaned Shiite clerics, retaliating from Mullahs, in Qom

The two clerics were moved to a nearby hospital for treatment. 

The attacker has been arrested according to local media reports. 

Stabbing Shiite clerics

Gholam-Reza Mesbahi Moqaddam, the spokesman of the Association of the Militant Clergy in Iran, warned of the increasing incidents of stabbing Shiite clerics by angry Iranians. 
He expressed his worry from the continuation of these incidents. 

Such incidents are unbearable as they target the Mullahs, he continued.

Moqaddam called on the government to take the appropriate measures to halt the protests by any possible mean.

New way to express anger 

During the last few months, angry citizens have attacked many clerics, expressing their fury from the corruption of Mullah regime and the dire economic situation in Iran.

In September,  several protesters have attacked the house of the Shiite cleric Hassan Al-Turabi in Borujerd city due to his involvement in corruption cases. 

Analysts told The Baghdad Post that these incidents confirm Iranians' hatred to the mullahs.

They added that the Iranians have found that stabbing the clerics is the only way to get rid of Mullahs' evil.

Iran has recently seen widespread protests against clerical rule and corruption.

At least 23 Iranians were killed in the protests and thousands were injured. 

Hundreds of people have been arrested in the sweeping protests that hit major Iranian cities including the capital Tehran.
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