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Iran plots to besiege Gulf with five-nation alliance: Observers

Yahya Rahim Safavi, deputy general commander of the Iranian armed forces

Yahya Rahim Safavi, deputy general commander of the Iranian armed forces, on Tuesday called for striking up an alliance countering the US presence in the region.

This coalition, according to reports, would be made of Iran, Iraq, Russia, Syria and Pakistan. 

Safavi's remarks came under fire by commentators, who said this alliance is intended to enhance the Iranian domination and expansionism in the Arab region.

"This is nonsense. Such an alliance is totally unacceptable," they said, citing what they called the notorious Baghdad Pact forget in the 1950s.

Besieging Gulf 

Others pointed to the aims of the coalitions, saying the foremost among them is besieging the Arabian Gulf nations. 

They warned Russia and Pakistan of accepting such proposal and entering into this ill-advised alliance. 

"The agenda is clear. Iran seeks to circumvent the sanctions imposed by the US and distract attention from the mounting calls for its withdrawal from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen," they noted. 

"Iran, through this alliance, wants to assert its control over Syria and Iraq, perpetuating its sectarian presence in the Arab region."

Baseless claims

For Moscow, experts suggest this alliance could worsen its relations with the rest of the Arab nations.

"Russia's relationship with the Arab world is hampered due to its role in Syria. And it will be devastated in case Moscow furthers its spillovers in the region."

Fars news agency cited Safavi as saying that the US has been the sole actor in the region in recent years. 

He also claimed the US seeks to enforce its agenda in the region, saying it has 30,000 fighters in northeastern Syria and west of Euphrates River.

"This dispute could drag on for years. And Iran will do its utmost to protect its national security," he continued, affirming Iran seeks to safeguard what he called 'Axis of Resistance'. 

He also added "we should protect this axis which made resounding victories."

The Iranian commander also claimed the US seeks to use Iran as a scarecrow to be able to follow through with its project in the region. 

Observers said these comments are baseless and completely untrue. "There is no resistance axis. It is nothing but a sectarian and militias-sponsored axis.

They believe Iran is pushing for more militancy in the region at the level of groups and even nation. 

"Iran wants to turn the region into a war inferno for the cause of its sectarian spillovers," strategists said. 

"Iran wants to swallow more Arab nations, so its leaders invented this lie, the US threat, to consolidate the presence of Mullahs in these Arab nations," other experts said. 

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