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Rage after BBC's Antwan Khouri voices support for Assad, attacks FSA

Antwan Khouri

The British government spares no effort to fight terror and its backers across the world. It has been pushing for obliterating it from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.

Media platforms in the UK has been committed to this line, conducting anti-terror missions through the airwaves.

The British media also takes on terror backers, and expose their agendas.

But there are voices who act outside the consensus. Instead of pushing on terror, they cheer for it.

Antwan Khouri

Recently, Antwan Khouri, who is a TV host at the BBC Arabic, during a show aired on the channel on January 21st, has heaped praise on Syria's dictator Bashar al-Assad, accusing the Free Syrian Army (FSA) of being the main source of terrorism in Syria.

According to observers familiar with the Syrian issue, what Khouri made is a grave mistake.He is working in a heavyweight media outlet and he should not be supportive of terrorism. 


A video footage of Khouri's show displaying him interrupting his guest on multiple occasions, saying FSA is a terror organization.

The guest, a political analyst named Mostafa Hamid Uhlu, responded to the claims of Khouri, saying:"Neither the US nor Russia considers FSA as a terror organization. Both nations are engaged with it in Astana negotiations."

But Khouri insisted on describing FSA as terrorists, saying that it is not a terror organization for the Turkish government.

The media figure's remarks angered Syrian oppositionists, who said he breached the ethics of his work and abandoned impartiality in favor of a certain faction.

Commentators were furious at the remarks of the pro-Assad figure, saying he revealed his hatred and venom towards the Syrian people.

Others said the BBC should take a firm stand against him, as he has put it in an awkward situation, compromising its credibility and anti-terror record.

"The US is supporting FSA as it is a liberation group that fights a terror regime that butchers its people," they noted.

Assad must go

 The British government is adopting an honorable stance on Assad, according to experts.
It believes Assad must go for the country to avoid more bloodshed.

Amid Turkey's military operation against terrorist groups in a Syrian border region, Britain recognizes Turkey’s legitimate interest in the security of its borders, Theresa May's office said in a statement on Monday.

The UK is committed to working closely with Turkey and other allies to find solutions in Syria that provide stability, avoid escalating the situation, and protect Turkey's security interests, the statement added.

Citing these remarks, experts say the British announced positions are supportive of the Syrian people and reject Assad's presence on the Syrian scene.

"Which evidence does Khouri have to say FSA is a terror organization? Is he adopting this position to give an impression that this is the position of the British government on the FSA?" they continued.

"Of course this is not the position of the UK. It fully supports the Syrian people and we believe Khouri may be called to account."