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Fait accompli policy undermines trust among political partners - IFC

A file photo of the Iraqi parliament

The Iraqi Forces Coalition (IFC) has blasted Sunday the policy of fait accompli adopted by other blocs, adding that it has a negative impact on trust among political partners.  
In statements, Ahmed al-Masari, head of IFC, said the next phase requires concerted efforts and ongoing inter-party dialogue, particularly in critical and major issues.
The next stage requires avoidance of the policy of fait accompli adopted by other blocs, he noted. 
Masari also commended the vital and positive role played by the media in Iraq as it helps in unveiling failures in state’s policies due to the pressure it puts on decision makers.   
This comes as a source had revealed that the US Embassy in Baghdad is holding extensive talks with Sunni and Shia parties to reconcile divergent views on approving the dateproposed by the government to hold the parliamentary and local councils’ elections.  

Last Modified: Sunday، 21 January 2018 05:28 PM