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Peshmerga sends reinforcements in area between Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk

5 Kurdish blocs denounce Abadi's disregard of Peshmerga 'sacrifices'

Peshmerga forces have enhanced preparedness in anticipation of any emergencies as the federal police troopers arrived in the area of Jamin, connecting Kirkuk with Sulaymaniyah, officials within Peshmerga said on Thursday.

Reports of Kurdish media say that the forces are stationed in the area of Garangir.

According to these reports, the Kurdish forces are on high alert after large numbers of federal police forces have been deployed to the area.

Photos featuring the reinforcements sent by Peshmerga to the area were posted to Facebook.

Tensions have gone high between Erbil and Baghdad over the first's bid for independence.

After the referendum, Iraq intervened militarily and imposed punitive measures on the region.