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Iranian woman: Iranians are poor although gov't is rich

Iran block Telegram app to suppress protests

An Iranian woman said that Iran is rich with natural resources namely oil, gold and diamond but Iranian people are poor, a video obtained by The Baghdad Post showed on Tuesday.
She added that the Iranian government is very rich but the Iranian people are suffering from poverty.


This comes within the protests that had been rocking Iran for several days in which the citizens express their rage over the Mullah's regime crimes and schemes that deteriorated the economical, social and other situations of the citizens.
More than 20 people were killed while hundreds of other innocent civilians were arrested during the protests.
The Iranian citizen added that she will not leave the demonstrations until she knows the answers for her inquiries concerning why she is suffering from poverty in such a rich country liked Iran?!

Last Modified: Wednesday، 03 January 2018 01:02 AM