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Exclusive: Senior security officials urge people to overthrow Shiite parties

Haider Abadi and Nuri Maliki are two faces of the same coin

Senior officers within the ministry of interior on Tuesday called on the Iraqis to take to the streets to unseat the Shiite parties working for Iran.

They also accused these parties of spilling the blood of Iraqis and squandering the country's resources over the past 14 years.

"We assure the Iraqi people that we will stand with them in case they revolt against the regime, which has been siphoning off the country's money for 14 years," the message, exclusively obtained by The Baghdad Post, read.

They also said the Iraqi people pay the price of the luxurious lifestyle of those affiliated with these parties.

"All the Iraqis should rise up against the Iran-backed parties in the country," the message stated.

Citing the message, observers said the ongoing protests in Iran will impact Iraq. They say both countries have the same circumstances: a rich country that most of its people live under the poverty line due to corrupt governments.