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Iranian protesters set fire to Hawza in Iran's Takestan

Iranian protesters

Iranian protesters have set fire to a Hawza (a seminary where Shia clerics are trained) in Takestan city in Iran, sources revealed Sunday.  

Anti-government protesters demonstrated in Iran for the fourth day running in defiance of a warning by authorities of a crackdown, constituting one of the most audacious challenges to the clerical leadership since pro-reform unrest in 2009.

Since Thursday night Iranians have been staging protests to express their anger at the country's failed domestic and foreign policies which has brought about poverty, inflation, unemployment and corruption. 


Several Iranians were shot during protests late Saturday, sources said, after Iran's government warned citizens against holding "illegal" public gatherings.

Demonstrators initially vented their anger over economic hardships and alleged corruption, but the protests took on a rare political dimension, with a growing number of people calling on Ali Khamenei to step down.

Videos showed people in central Tehran chanting: “Down with the dictator!” in an apparent reference to Khamenei.

Last Modified: Monday، 01 January 2018 11:12 AM