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1st bus transports passengers from Baghdad to Amman via Tureibil

Tureibil border crossing

The first passenger bus moved Thursday night from Baghdad heading towards Amman after reopening Tureibil border crossing, taking the international road for the first time since 2015.   
Abdullah Loibi, chairman of the General Company for the Transport of Passengers and Delegations, said the company was preparing its fleet since the recapturing of Anbar from ISIS terrorists to resume the transport of passengers using Tureibil border crossing connecting Baghdad and Amman. 
The company has set out plans to develop ground transportation. This type of transportation uses routes that connect Iraq and neighboring countries, particularly Jordan, he noted.
Loibi also commended the concerned Jordanian authorities’ cooperation in facilitating measures that allow the transportation of passengers to and from Iraq. 
Late in August, Tureibil, Iraq's main international border crossing with Jordan and a key trade route, officially reopened after being officially closed for three years.

Privately-owned US security firms, along with Iraqi ground and air forces, will be responsible for safety along the 500-kilometer route from Baghdad to Amman, which goes through Iraq's Anbar Governorate.

Last Modified: Friday، 22 December 2017 04:03 PM