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All Shia political parties have armed militias - Nujaba

IMIS terrorists

Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba slammed on Sunday a call for limiting the possession of arms to the state and disengaging political parties from having armed militias.

The terrorist group admitted that all Shia political parties have armed militias. 

In a press statement, Hisham al-Moussawi, the spokesman of al-Nujaba, said the Dawa Party, to which Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is affiliated, and Fadhila Party have armed factions.

So far, no clear measures have been taken to disengage armed militias from political parties in order to be integrated into the government forces, he noted.  

If this move was taken, we would be in a state of confusion. Nujaba has factions fighting in Syria. They do not operate under the command of the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS)’s Committee, he further stated.

The war is not over. Risk still persists, he claimed, adding that Shia militias’ leaders will longer be able to call for increasing the number for fighters or their financial allocations as they will become politicians.  

This comes amid calls to disband Shia militias in Iraq.  

In November, Iraqi writer Ghalib al-Shahbander said in a televised interview that Ahmed al-Assadi, spokesperson IMIS, has announced his resignation from his position so that he can stand as an IMIS candidate in the upcoming parliamentary election

Al-Shahbander also noted that Iran-backed IMIS are playing a political game in order to have a parliamentary representation in the upcoming election.

In Iraq, political parties and entities wishing to run for election must abolish their armed wings.

Last Modified: Sunday، 17 December 2017 01:41 PM