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US Defense Secretary accuses Iran of destabilizing Middle East

Iran is responsible for turmoil in Middle East - US Defense Secretary
US Defense Secretary James Mattis confirmed that Iran is the main responsible for the turmoil in the Middle East, the US Department of Defense reported.

He said, “everywhere you find turmoil [in the Middle East], you find Iran’s hand in it.”  

During an impromptu news conference, Mattis addressed questions about Iran and US efforts to expose Iran’s malicious behavior.

He praised US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley’s Dec. 14 presentation at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling that highlighted Iran’s illegal arms program. 

Haley stood in front of an Iranian missile that Iran’s proxy, the Houthis, fired at Riyadh International Airport, a civilian target in Saudi Arabia. The missile didn’t hit the airport, but if it had, it potentially could have killed hundreds of innocent civilians.

Haley’s briefing included physical evidence that Iran is providing ballistic missiles to the Houthis, Mattis said. “What we are doing in that region,” he added, “is standing by allies and partners, and we're on one hand exposing, on the other hand helping them build their own capability to reject Iranian influence.”

Other Iranian Activities

In addition to its support on the Arabian Peninsula to the Houthis - a Shia terrorist group seeking to take control of Yemen - the secretary cited some of Iran’s activities elsewhere in the region.

“We find Iran actively engaged in keeping Syrian dictator Bashar Assad in power, despite the murder of his own people on the industrial scale, including the use of chemical weapons,” Mattis said. “We see what Iran has done with Lebanese Hezbollah in Lebanon and the threat to peace and the support they've given to Assad.”

There is no military role for the US in exposing Iran’s activities, Mattis said. “The reason Ambassador Haley was there, and not one of our generals, is this is a diplomatically led effort to expose to the world what Iran is up to,” he said.
Last Modified: Sunday، 17 December 2017 12:36 PM