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US looks forward to Solve Erbil-Baghdad crisis - McMaster

US looks forward to Solving Erbil-Baghdad crisis - Trump Adviser
US President Donald Trump’s administration looks forward to ending Erbil-Baghdad crisis, the Bas news quoted National Security Adviser to the President, Herbert  McMaster, as saying.

Speaking at an annual conference of the Jamestown Foundation, McMaster explained that Washington has been assisting Kurds since 1991 with Operation Provide Comfort (OPC).

He valued the developments in Kurdistan Region and said, “It’s a miracle, almost, what happened in Northern Iraq in terms of beautiful cities in Sulaimani, Erbil, and Dohuk.”

“We think an important aspect of Iraq being strong is resolving this conflict and tension between the Kurdish Region and the rest of Iraq,” he said.

“We are committed to the territorial integrity of Iraq and also the territorial integrity of the Kurdish Region. We are committed to working together with the Kurdish leadership and the Iraqi leadership to mediate the best we can.”

This comes as the crisis in Kirkuk has escalated. Peshmerga forces have been fending off attacks launched by the Iraqi forces. 

Tensions between the two sides over the future of Kurdistan have been high since the Kurds voted for independence in a September referendum. 

The oil-rich Kirkuk Governorate has emerged as a flashpoint in the crisis as it is claimed by both sides.
Last Modified: Sunday، 17 December 2017 02:28 PM