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Military operations exacerbate suffering of Anbar displaced civilians

Military operations increase suffering of Anbar displaced civilians
The recent military operations of the joint forces and Iranian militias have caused tremendous damage in the western parts of Anbar province, a local source said on Saturday.

This will contribute to exacerbating the suffering of displaced civilians who are attempting to return to their areas due to insecurity, the absence of services and arbitrary procedures in checkpoints, the source added.

"More than 50 families are suffering from dire conditions on their way back to the city because of the arbitrary procedures at the checkpoints," said a displaced person from Anata district.

He added that the families spent a night in the mosques of Ramadi city to complete their way in the morning to their areas in western Anbar, and expected to arrive in their areas may take two more days due to the presence of dozens of checkpoints on the road.

The largest number of these families are women, children and they are suffering from arbitrary measures by government forces on the road checkpoints, he concluded.

Last Modified: Saturday، 16 December 2017 03:03 PM