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Trump: US defeated ISIS in Iraq, Syria


US President Donald Trump said his country had won the fight against ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq and was pursuing the extremists as they spread elsewhere, Bloomberg reported.

“We’ve won in Syria, we’ve won in Iraq, but they spread to other areas and we’re getting them as fast as they spread,” Trump said Tuesday at the White House during a ceremony to sign defense policy legislation.

Trump spoke a day after the arrest of a Bangladeshi immigrant after a bombing at a New York City subway station. Police said the explosion was a botched suicide mission. The suspect, who was burned in the blast, told law enforcement officials at the hospital that he “did it for the ISIS,” according to a criminal complaint.

Others also have been claiming triumph in the Middle East’s conflicts. Russian President Vladimir Putin made a surprise stop at an airbase in Syria on Monday to declare “victory” in his country’s two-year military campaign there, part of a whirlwind tour of the region aimed at demonstrating his growing influence at U.S. expense.

Putin celebrated the preservation of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad’s rule, despite U.S. demands for Assad’s removal. Putin’s willingness to back the Syrian leader against rebel groups helped reverse the course of a civil war that’s killed more than 400,000 people and sent millions more fleeing since it erupted in 2011.

While U.S. military officials say American troops must remain in Syria to guard against a resurgence of Islamic State forces there, Syria and Russia have said it’s time for them to go.

Wednesday، 13 December 2017 07:43 AM
Trump is in the dark of not really knowing the true victors were [ to make claim of US victory by our military ] the Iraqi forces and Kurds [ Peshmerga forces ] including an ally of Iran to take credit in defeating Daesh in Iraq while the US loosely providing a level of support and lightly engaged Daesh to keep Iraq in the state of war. For Syria it was Russia and Syrian forces that decimated ISIS and other insurgents aligned together [ so-called Moderate Rebels that the US supported ] not to overrun is their victory while the US wallowed to keep the Middle East conflict going and also supported radical harden militants in the hopes of regime change to topple Assad/ nation building, establishing US/NATO bases within Syria, access to natural resources, along with the involvement and interests for spoils of Saudi Arabia and Israel. The true victors goes to Iraq, Syria, Russia and their most proven allies [ Iran ] against ISIS!