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Mosul's residents call for reconstructing recaptured areas from ISIS

Mosul's residents call for rebuilding recaptured areas from ISIS
Mosul's residents called for exhumation of disappeared bodies during the rule of ISIS and the battles of liberating the city from these terrorists, local media reported on Saturday.

They also called the central government in Baghdad to hasten its efforts to rebuild the recaptured areas from ISIS in Mosul and other cities in Nineveh governorate. 

The residents urged the government to draw up a timeframe for returning the displaced people to their homes.

Amidst the ongoing fight against ISIS to recapture Iraqi cities from the terrorist group’s clutches, the number of displaced people is on the rise. This increases the burden on the central government trying to handle the problem of displaced Iraqis who escaped the atrocities of ISIS since the launch of liberation operations.

What exacerbates displaced persons' dilemma is that Iraq’s financial resources have been drained as a result of the military operations conducted to retake ISIS-held districts. 

This comes as Iraqi security forces had fully recaptured Nineveh governorate which was considered to be ISIS' main stronghold in Iraq and is currently sweeping Iraq to oust ISIS remnants from them.
Last Modified: Saturday، 09 December 2017 02:55 PM