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Tribal Hashid calls for forming joint forces to secure Anbar from ISIS

Tribal mobilization calls for forming permanent joint forces to secure Anbar from ISIS

The Tribal Hashid forces have called the Iraqi forces to form permanent joint forces to secure Anbar desert and protect it from ISIS terrorists, Awad al-Gaghefi, the tribal leader of Haditha city in western Anbar, said on Friday. 

He added that thousands of ISIS terrorists are still in the loose of Rawa, al-Qa'im, and, Annah towns in western Anbar.

These terrorists, who fled while the battles with the Iraqi forces were going on, threat Anbar's security.

In June 2014, ISIS captured large swathes of Iraq and Syria. But the US-led coalition launched a campaign to oust the terror group of the two countries.


ISIS terror outfit has been incurring huge losses in Iraq in recent months, with its affiliates expelled entirely from Mosul, Tal Afar and other areas.

Last Modified: Friday، 08 December 2017 06:07 PM