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Director of Erbil airport says flight ban likely to be lifted next year

Talar Faiq

Director of Erbil airport, Talar Faiq, said on Thursday the UN and international community are pushing for the flight ban imposed on the region to be lifted.

"These efforts are aimed to get this ban lifted by early next year," she added.

The decision to impose flight ban on the region is completely political and has nothing to do with any problem in these airports, she added.

"Abadi issued the decision without giving more explanations why he did issue it," the Kurdish official noted.

Faiq also stated she could not open any lines of communication with the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

Baghdad and Erbil are at loggerheads over the latter's bid for independence.

After an independence referendum held on September 25th, Baghdad ushered in a package of punitive measures against the region, including military intervention.