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More than 25 killed in blasts in Anbar's Rawa

More than 25 killed in blasts in Anbar's Rawa
At least 25 people were killed in explosions that rocked the city from mines and explosives planted by ISIS terrorist group in Rawa town of Anbar governorate, Major General Hussein Ali said on Friday.
In statements, he added that only five policemen are stationed in the town.
He urged the Iraqi authorities and Anbar governor to send a team to defuse and remove the mines and bombs.
He pointed out that families can not return to their homes in the town because of such explosions.
The government is not giving enough attention to this problem, he said, adding that all services in the town are totally destroyed since the military operation that recaptured the area from the terrorist group.
Last Modified: Friday، 01 December 2017 04:41 PM