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US VP Pence says Iran cancerous influence destabilizes Middle East

US Vice President accuses Iran of destabilizing Middle East
US Vice President Mike Pence has accused Iran of destabilizing the Middle East at the Hudson Institute in Washington, the White House website reported.

He said, "For decades, the fanatical regime in Tehran has spread its cancerous influence across the region and the wider world."

"It has shed blood and sown chaos from Argentina to the Arabian Peninsula, and increasingly, Iran has sought to dominate the entire Middle East."

He added, "As we speak, the Iranian regime aids and abets al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hezbollah, and other barbaric terrorist groups."

"Even worse, the Iranian regime has pursued a clandestine nuclear program and is developing advanced ballistic missiles with the clear intent of using these weapons to threaten American interests and America’s allies."

"But rather than confront this growing threat, the previous administration compounded it when it lifted US sanctions on Iran just as they were beginning to work and instead signed the disastrous Iranian nuclear deal."

Pence continued, "That deal gave the regime more than $100 billion up front, money that could easily find its way to Iran’s terrorist proxies across the world."

"Even worse, the deal doesn’t take Iran off the nuclear path at all. It literally keeps Iran on a nuclear path. It did nothing to prevent the regime from developing ballistic missiles, and it preserved Iran’s ability to quickly produce a nuclear weapons capability."

He pointed out, "our administration is actively working with the Congress to craft a stronger and more effective approach to derail Iran’s nuclear ambitions."

"We support legislation that would enact real international oversight and enforcement of Iranian activity, preventing Iran from developing intercontinental ballistic missiles and most importantly institute a permanent prohibition on an Iranian nuclear of less than a year."
Last Modified: Friday، 01 December 2017 01:09 PM