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Relatives of Camp Speicher massacre call for probe into incident

Relatives of Camp Speicher massacre victims demand justice

Dozens of Camp Speicher massacre victims' relatives held a demonstration on Friday, demanding an investigation to reveal the perpetrators.

"We want to get to the circumstances behind this massacre. We want to see perpetrators being brought to justice," one of the victims' relatives said.

It is the most heinous massacre in modern times. And our youth died due to irresponsible decisions by some parties, he added.

The massacre took place shortly after ISIS terrorists had controlled Mosul city in Nineveh governorate in 2014.

The victims were either shot or beheaded before their corpses were dumped into the Tigris River, which cuts through Tikrit. At the time of the attack, there were between 4,000 and 11,000 unarmed cadets in the camp.