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Abadi’s pledge of paying Kurdish employees' salaries ‘mere talk’ - KRG

Haider al-Abadi

Kurdistan people believe that Prime Minsiter Haider al-Abadi’s pledge of paying the salaries of Kurdish civil servants is not serious and mere talk, spokesperson for Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Sven Dzi revealed Friday. 

Dzi said that Abadi pledged many times that he will pay the salaries of Kurdistan’s civil servants. 

However, the federal government has not taken any practical step in this regard. The government is not ready to receive the biometric data of the region’s civil servants, he noted.

Based on the recent Federal Court’s ruling, all the unjust measures, which have been taken by the federal government and the Iraqi Parliament in retaliation for holding Kurdistan’s independence referendum, have to be canceled, he further stated. 

Iraq’s Supreme Federal Court ruled on Monday a Sept. 25 Kurdish independence referendum was unconstitutional and the results void. 

Concerning Peshmerga, Dzi said that the Kurdish forces played a key role in the fight against ISIS. 

That is why the Peshmerga’s constitutional rights have to be preserved. But unfortunately, the federal government has not paid the Kurdish force salaries over the past years despite being part of Iraq’s defense establishment, he added.  

On Tuesday, Abdi said the government is obliged to pay Kurdistan's civil servants' salaries.
This comes amid tensions between Baghdad and Erbil following Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum. 

Last Modified: Friday، 24 November 2017 03:09 PM