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Corruption of Najaf airport administration uncovered

Najaf International Airport

Najaf provincial council has uncovered the corruption of Najaf International Airport’s administration. 

On Friday, Saad al-Haris, a member of the council, said that the airport’s board of directors is implicated in financial corruption.

The board has estimated the cost of building the airport’s runway at 72 million US dollars while its real cost is 22 million US dollars, al-Haris noted.  

The board has estimated the cost of establishing the airport’s departure terminal at 105 million dollars while the real cost is 35 million US dollars. This is an apparent corruption, he further stated.   

Haris also pointed out that some investors were awarded contracts in the airport without bidding.  

The airport’s board of directors was formed by political blocs that cover up the corruption of the airport’s management, he said. 

Haris noted that a delegation from Najaf provincial council will meet with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to convince him of changing the decision of turning the airport into an investment opportunity. 

Instead, the delegation will propose the appointment of a new management to run the airport under the supervision of Najaf provincial council, he further stated. 

Najaf council will not allow any federal government authority to manage the airport and transfer its revenue to the government coffers, he said.

The airport’s revenue belongs to Najaf Governorate. Najaf can use the funds to reduce its budget deficit, he added. 

Earlier, the cabinet’s secretariat has ordered the dissolution of Najaf airport’s board of directors. Civil Aviation Authority will be temporarily in charge of operating and managing the airport. 

Moreover, the Commission of Integrity and Federal Financial Control Bureau in Iraq will be in charge of overseeing the airport’s activities.      

Last Modified: Friday، 24 November 2017 11:24 AM