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Calls for dissolving Iran's militias in Middle East

Calls for dissolving Iran's militias in Middle East

Iran's Mullah Regime has achieved its dreams of creating the Shia majority and killing a lot of Sunnis in the Middle East via its Iranian militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS), Houthi terrorists in Yemen, and the terrorists Hezbollah militia in Lebanon.

Experts said that Iran's supremacy in the Region will end if these militias withdrew from the region but what is the future of IMIS terrorists?

The experts confirmed that world powers seek to eliminate IMIS terrorists so, these terrorists have no future in Iraq. 

After the Iraqi forces, backed by IMIS terrorists, had stormed Kirkuk governorate and Tuz Khurmatu city, IMIS terrorists killed a lot of Sunnis based on sectarian motives. 

So, a US humanitarian organization seeks to document IMIS' crimes, the organizations' lawyer said, adding that these crimes will be presented before an international court to be identified as genocides against innocent Sunni people.  

Documenting IMIS' crimes in Iraq


There is no local or international body that has tried to collect the evidence of IMIS' crimes in Kurdistan Region, Ayad kaki, head of the legal expert organization, said. 

Kaki assured that his organization, its premises located in Erbil, will investigate to collect the evidence of IMIS' crimes via meeting with the Sunni displaced people who were forced by IMIS terrorists to leave their homes in the disputed areas. 

He also added that IMIS' crimes of burning civilians' houses, sexual harassment, and killing Sunnis will be also documented. 

Dissolving of Iranian militias in Region


Earlier, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi vowed to hold the general elections as scheduled, pledging that Iraqi army, as well as IMIS terrorists, will not participate in the elections.
Experts have called on Abadi to stop IMIS terrorists' intervention in Iraq, especially in the upcoming elections. 

They also warned from electing persons affiliated to these terrorists as they will turn Iraq into a sectarian state ruled by Iran's  Mullah regime. 

Experts also confirmed that after the Regional and international conditions have changed, IMIS terrorists will definitely be dissolved and all Iran's militias in the region will face the same destiny as well. 

Many international and local human rights organizations accused IMIS of committing sectarian genocide against Sunnis in Iraq, as the terror militias aim to make a demographic change in Iraq to carry out Iran' Mullah Shiite crescent plan.

Last Modified: Thursday، 23 November 2017 04:10 PM