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Iran steals Iraq victory over ISIS, plans for further hegemony

Qassem Soleimani

Following Commander of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds Force  Qasim Soleimani's announcement the end of ISIS in Iraq, a lot of questions have been raised on the Iranian hegemony in the Arab country.

Analysts consider Soleimani's declaration is an evidence of Iran's flagrant control on the Iraqi decision-making process.


Iraqi political leadership is the authority that has the right to declare war and victory in the country.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced the terror group has been militarily crushed in his country.

According to observers, the Shiite country hastily attributed the victory to its terror militias in Iraq, most notably IMIS Militias, as part of its post-ISIS era plans.

Khamenei 's Message

Soleimani sent a letter to Iran's so-called supreme leader  Ali Khamenei in the wake of what he called "the historical victories of the Islamic Resistance Front of Iraq and Syria on the sedition of Takfiri terrorism".

The letter which was written in Arabic was circulated by media outlets linked with IRGC.

"As a commissioned soldier, I declare the end of this malicious terrorism with the completion of the liberation operations of Syria's Boukmal, the last ISIS stronghold," the letter read.

"I write to you in the name of all unknown leaders and mujahedeen and the thousands of martyrs from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Pakistan who defend the sanctities," he added in his letter.

Soleimani's announcement came after the US Congress took steps to designate some Iran-allied Shia militias as terrorists groups.

Demands to reign in IMIS

Pro-Iran politicians urge Abadi's government to condemn a US State Department spokesperson's enlisting of Abu Mehdi al-Mohandes  as  terrorist. But Abadi gave no positive response.

Analysts explain Abadi's reaction as a clear expression of Iranian militias' growing dominance that would disturb the political scene in Baghdad.
Currently, all Iraqis urge Abadi to end Soleimani's work as a consultant in the Iraqi government in preparation for the expulsion of all IRGC-linked terrorists from Iraq.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 22 November 2017 10:00 PM