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Baghdad pledges 3bn dinars aid for Sulaimaniya’s Darbandikhan

Darbandikhan Dam

A delegation representing the Iraqi government arrived Thursday in Darbandikhan town in Sulaimaniya Governorate in Kurdistan Region to inspect Darbandikhan Dam, which has been damaged by the earthquake that hit Iran-Iraq border region Sunday.  

Naseh al-Mullah Hassan, Darbandikhan district administrator, said that due to the damages that the dam had suffered, a government delegation visited the town and held a meeting with its officials.

This comes as the damages in the dam poses a threat to central and southern districts.  
The delegation has pledged to send 3 billion Iraqi dinars as a first tranche of assistance provided to Darbandikhan town, Hassan noted.  

This amount of money will be allocated to foreign experts, who will be in charge of the dam’s inspection, he further stated.  

Sunday's powerful earthquake, which caused hundreds of deaths in Iran, also caused damage to the Darbandikhan dam in Iraq. 

The dam has suffered cracking, and landslides are reported to have pushed rocks and rubble onto the spillway.

Darbandikhan Dam is on the Diyala River in the northern Sulaymaniyah Governate. It was completed in 1961.

Last Modified: Friday، 17 November 2017 11:27 AM