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Palestinian factions Hamas, Fatah sign reconciliation deal in Cairo

Palestinian factions Hamas, Fatah sign deal in Cairo

Hamas and Fatah have signed a reconciliation deal in Cairo, ending a decade-long rift between the two Palestinian factions, BBC reported on Thursday.


The deal is believed to cover security, administrative and border crossing arrangements in the Gaza Strip.


Egypt has been brokering the reconciliation talks in Cairo.

Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank have been ruled separately since deadly clashes between the two groups broke out in 2007.

Hamas won parliamentary elections in the occupied territories the previous year, and reinforced its power in Gaza after ousting Fatah from the enclave.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Thursday that the talks had led to a "final agreement" to end the rival split.

Abbas is reportedly planning to travel to the Gaza Strip in the coming weeks in what would be his first visit to the territory in a decade.
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