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ISIS executes 10 innocent civilians in Hawija

ISIS kills 10 innocent civilians in Hawija
ISIS terrorists have executed 10 innocent civilians in Hawija district in northwestern Kirkuk governorate, a security source said Thursday.

He added that these civilians have been executed on the charge of collaborating with the Iraqi security forces.

On Thursday, Iraqi security forces launched a wide-scale military offensive to oust ISIS from its last in pockets in Hawaija. 

ISIS managed to seize large swathes of territory in northern and western Iraq and eastern Syria in 2014, establishing a self-declared on the territories it captured.

The terror group is collapsing in Iraq since it has been expelled from Mosul and Tal Afar. 

Also, the US-led coalition is helping Iraqi forces in expelling ISIS from Iraq. 

Last Modified: Thursday، 28 September 2017 12:48 PM