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Baghdad hands over bodies of Iranians killed in Dhi Qar to Tehran

Dhi Qar attack

Iran has received the bodies of its nationals killed in the twin bombing that targeted Dhi Qar and claimed the lives of dozens, an Iranian official has said.

"The Iraqi authorities handed over to the Iranian side the bodies of the victims of the terrorist attack that targeted the Iraqi city of Nasiriyah on Thursday, which killed and wounded dozens," Manem Shamshadi, the representative of the medical center in the Hajj and Visit Department of the Iranian Red Crescent Society in Iraq, was quoted by the Tasnim news agency as saying.

Shamshadi revealed that Tehran received the bodies of 10 victims.

Two attacks targeted Dhi Qar Province on Thursday, one of them was a car bombing claimed 59 lives and left 96 injured. The car bombing occurred near a security checkpoint in the province, police spokesman, Saad Maan said in a statement.

Dhi Qar is a relatively peaceful province, but it has recently seen a rise in bombings that killed dozens of civilians and police personnel.