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Samarai: No Iranian-Saudi deal; Sadr confronts Iran, IMIS

Samarai: No Iranian-Saudi deal; Sadr confronts Iran, IMIS

Chairman of The Baghdad Post, Sufian Samarai, quoted on Tuesday official sources who denied claims saying that Saudi Arabia had urged Iraq to mediate between Riyadh and Tehran to solve the dispute between the two countries.


On his official account on Twitter, Iraqi well-known media figure added that the Qatari and Iranian media are the ones spreading such groundless news.


عاجل مصادر : لا يوجد اي طلب سعودي لوساطة بغداد لصفقة بين #طهران و #الرياض .

هذه كذبة قطرية بأوامر من حمد أل ثاني شخصيا لقناة #الجزيرة .




The sources said that the Qatari Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani had ordered Al Jazeera TV channel to spread news claiming that Saudi Arabia aims at reaching an agreement with Iran.


Sheikh Hamad, who founded Al Jazeera news media group, aims to spread such claims in order to stir controversy among Gulf states, the sources further said.


The Qatari channel had launched a war against all Gulf states in order to divide the Arab world. A number of Iraqi media outlets, backed by Mullah's regime, are expected to support Al Jazeera TV channel in its war against Gulf countries especially Saudi Arabia that is currently leading the Arab-coalition that is working on to reinstall the legitimate Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.


الأرهابي حمد أل ثاني يصدر أوامر الى قناة #الجزيرة الإجرامية بشن أقوى حملة ضد دول الخليج العربي أبتداء من أمس لشق الصف العربي الأسلامي.




Samarai called on all Arab media outlets to confront the war launched by Iran-backed Al Jazeera TV channel.


Meanwhile, he also underlined that Sadrist Movement Leader Muqtada al-Sadr's expected visit to Cairo does not aim at reaching an agreement with Iran. Samarai pointed out that Sadr is completely against Iran and its militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) and is always exposing their intervention and crimes committed inside Iraq and other countries in the region.


يرجى أستنفار كافة الوسائل الإعلامية في دول التحالف العربي خلال الساعات القادمة للرد على الهجمة الإعلامية التى ستقودها #الجزيرة الخامنئية .




He stressed that Sadr will meet Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi to discuss means of coordinating efforts in the fields of security, intelligence, diplomacy and politics in order to return Iraq back to the Arab world.


قريبا ترتيب جديد بأيعاز من #طهران و #بغداد و #دمشق ،،أول بيان لتنظيم #خراسان_الأرهابي الذي يضم فلول داعش المنحط المدعوم من #تنظيم_الحمدين .




Sources said that Sadr's visit to Abu Dhabi came after indirect contacts between Sadrist and Emirati officials. They added that Sadr recognizes UAE leading role in the region as well as its sincere keenness on witnessing a stable and secure Iraq.


The prominent media figure also announced that Iran, Iraq and Syria are working on to recruit ISIS remnants to join Khorasan terrorist group.


The Khorasan terrorist group, sometimes known simply as Khorasan, is an alleged group of senior al-Qaeda members operating in Syria. The group is reported to consist of fighters who are all on terrorist watchlists, and coordinates with al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda's official affiliate in Syria.


This comes as US-backed Iraqi forces had defeated ISIS terrorist group in Mosul city in July.


Earlier, Sadr announced he will visit Egypt as soon as he wraps up his visit to UAE. Sadr also visited Saudi Arabia in the past few days. Analysts say that Sadr is working on to bolster ties with Arab leaders and countries in order to confront and expose Iran's heinous intervention in Iraq.

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