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30 dead bodies uncovered in 'mass grave' at market in Mosul

30 dead bodies uncovered in 'mass grave' at Mosul market

Iraqi authority uncovered 30 dead bodies, including 12 kids under the age of 13 years, buried in a mass grave in al-Maash market in western Mosul, a security force said Sunday.

The grave included remnants of dead bodies which were brutally killed as some of the civilians victims' hands were cut off, while the others' heads were severed, he added.  


ISIS had been committing heinous crimes since taking over Mosul three years ago. Many extrajudicial killings have been reported in the ISIS-held areas.

Iraq's Mosul is now free from the clutches of ISIS terrorists. The Iraqi forces, aided by the US-coalition, started a push to drive the terrorists out in October 2016.

On June 29th, the city was declared free of ISIS terrorists.

Last Modified: Sunday، 06 August 2017 12:03 PM